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Latest carding Tutorial 2019


1.Buy ssn that matches your drop and name.

2. Check if the ssn owner doesn’t use Verizon.

3.Create account at with ssn details.

4.Go to electronics>phones >iPhones
Choose from x to xs Max

5.Choose carrier, which is Verizon

6.Run the credit check

8.🆔  number is required, but u can use Anyone’s ID number  If ssn good down payment go with 0.00$.@kpoyagahackblog

9.When drop is going to pickup make the drop go with passport instead of ID card, so say them don't see address on passport.@kpoyagahackblog

Note: because the ssn owner’s address is different from ur drop.... pickup must not go with his ID card but passport. And the ssn owner’s address must be given to the client to provide at the store. They’ll ask of the addresses

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Author: verified_user