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How To Buy And Run The 911 Software To Get A Good IP Location - Kpoyagahack

what's going on guy's, in today's article, i will to share with you guy's how to buy and run the 911 software to get a good ip location, just last week i receive  so many  complaint  about 911 proxy,  some of you guys were saying you always had to pay people bitcoin to create 911 socks for them, others were also saying because their IP wasn’t strong enough, anytime they try logging into their account or email then they ask for codes nor do they get shipment for their carded goods because their IP not in same state as cc  so in we are going to learn how to How To Buy And Run The 911 Software To Get A Good Ip Location



  1.  how to create/signup 911 socks
  2.  how to login and download the 911 software 
  3. how to run the 911 software to get a good IP location 
so without further i do let get to work....

How To Buy And Run The 911 Software To Get A Good IP Location

To buy 911 socks visit 911 official site any other website might be a clone 

Now click on  SIGNUP as shown here

You will have to fill ALL info here , Store the Security Question and Answers well as that what needed to reset password, with the equation side you can just use a calculator to calculate the answer

Click on “Yes” to move to next page 

Make sure you are about to load the 911 account with Bitcoin or don’t bother yourself , you can’t create an account without first buying something .. with this am about to buy 150 proxies

 This the next page , just click on “OK” and be moved to the Bitcoin loading page

You are supposed to send Bitcoin to this address on file, I chose 150 proxies and that one is $22 Bitcoin

Warning :Make sure u enter the Correct Bitcoin amount there, instead of writing $22, write 0.0024651 as clearly written on the 911 page 

Once you done sending Bitcoin to the address on file , the status will be moved from AWAITING PAYMENT to PAID as shown above 

Once the Bitcoin is confirmed , the page will refresh Automatically and your 911 logins will be provided 

next one will be how to download 911 software and run them.. click on continue to read
Now go to and click on LOGIN

Input the logins you have bought or being given 

You have successfully logged into the account , now this the homepage

To download 911 software , click on 911 S5 Soft download as shown in the picture

Click on Download, you can choose any of the download buttons, either the green or red

Now,some browsers like google chrome or ones wit anti virus might prevent you from downloading the software and this will show :warning: .. if u face this issue , just use another browser and it will be downloaded
So I went to use Firefox browser and am able to download it successfully

Extract the zipped file

This what inside the 911 folder , don’t delete anything from here
 Search for CLIENT, it has the dollar sign next to it, and double click on that, this News tab will come up, just click on the close as shown by the arrow
This will come up, you just input the 911 logins and click on Login
Next tutorial will be how to use the 911 software and the tricks to use , to get a good location to login any account

continue 1

When you login the 911 logins , this the first page you come to, under Program,you will have to DRAG your browsers (google chrome, Firefox etc) to this place, it easier 2 drag it 4rm the desktop to this place

I just dragged the Firefox and google chrome shortcut from my desktop to the 911 Program tab
On the Proxy List tab, u set the country (I will set mine to US , short for USA) then I set the state and city, then click on Refresh to give me the options to choose from
Now my country is set to us, and I set my state to Fl (Florida), you can set to anywhere you want

 This is User Agent tab, here is optional but u can choose any of the browsers here so it will look like u are accessing the Internet with that browser, then click on Set User-agent

If you are a carder , I Will advise you to use the User Agent tab very well, or else the shop will realize that one person behind the PC is using many cc's to card, even if cc is good they might cancel your order because they will realize that it the same browser you are using for all the jobs, so each time you about to use a different cc, choose a different User-agent browser so they won’t know that u have already being on the shop
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