Flipkart Carding Method 2019 Working

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Flipkart Carding Method 2019 Working


❗️Note – This Flipkart carding method is Only for the Education Purpose, we are not Responsible if any wrong happens with you. Carding is a crime, So we recommend you not to even try this.

[just for my safety]..!


➡️PC or Smartphone (Recommended to use PC✅)

➡️Valid CC or FUllz  (Your country card)

➡️VPN or Socks5

➡️High Speed Internet.


➡️Basic Knowledge about carding
Flipkart new or old account.


👉Firstly you need a valid Credit card or valid fullz of perfect BIN , buy it from any online cc shop or from us.

[Note:– Use Only Candian Non-VBN CC like 403276,446547,519493. These BINs are patched now. so dont waste your money by buying this BIN.

👉Clear you browser history and cache using ccleaner.

👉If you have fraudfox and you know to configure it then use fraudfox and Make sure you use Socks 5 of same address as cc owner

👉if you don’t have fraudfox then use RDP + Socks5

👉Now Login to the Old flipkart account or create an account on Flipkart using cc owner details

👉Now Go to My Account-> My wallet and cards-> add new card under the saved cards option and add the card.

👉Now add any large product above 10k in your cart and add a small product of 100-1k

👉Log out your Account and log in again after 10mins ( Make sure socks5 or VPN is connected while doing all these )

👉Now delete product of 10k from your cart and place order 100-1k product on COD ( Cash On Delivery ).
Note: Give your cc owner details in BIlling and shipping address. (BILL=Ship).

👉Now log out your account again and login after 10 min and order that product that you want to buy.

👉Ask them to Gift wrap the order and add message to it like below.
message: “Hi my dear friend. first of all happy birthday to you. unfortunately U r not with us now. so that i decided to send a gift via flipkart. I hope u will like this gift. complete ur studies and get back to us soon. missing u very much”… etc., etc.., narrate your stories

👉choose Credit card payment

👉Shipping address will be yours and billing address will be CC Owner

👉Finally, Pay the Amount using CC Details.

👉Now contact the seller as soon as possible and inform him to ship the product soon and say because tommorow is my friend birthday. I wanna gift him this product. so ship the product as fast as u can.

👉Thats it guys. Finally cancell the product which we have ordered before on COD after it shipped.

[Take a Look at the End of the page for an Important trick]
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