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CC to BTC 2018 - 2019 Method New


1. First get good socks matching cc state

2. Get non vbv Debit card

3. account for exchange
Now lets dig in Connect same state socks and open browse around and search USA PSN card
email delivery $50 and proceed on the order create account with cc info and correct email

5.Proceed on with the checkout and fill cc info, if everything looks good you will get payment

6.After payment success it return you back to your profile and requires you to confirm your order by phone

7.Dont worry just find any US number, Textnow, Textplus or just any. A call would be sent to dial a code using the keypad

8.After dialing the automated code the order is confirmed and PSN code is sent

9.Go to paxful and exchange PSN to BTC $50

10.Remember you can use 1 card to place twice orders.

You can make $500 BTC a day. I did many times

Don't forgets to shared my blog link for more tutorials
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Author: verified_user