About Total Scholarship 2013 /2014 Application

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The below statement was culled from Total Oficial website to all applicant to take Note ,Kindly read the texts below for your guidees

All awardees are by this notice advised to please forward all scholarship complaints to the email addresses below according to their SCHOLARSHIP AWARD ASSETS:
OML 138; OPL 221; OPL 223: [email protected]
OML 130: [email protected]
OML 100 and JV: [email protected]
Emails sent to any other address other than the above listed will not be attended to.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Culled from http://scholarships.totalsdd.com/

23 Comments to “About Total Scholarship 2013 /2014 Application”

  1. Mansur Ibrahim

    I and my very good friends realy appreciate ur efforts towards building a better Nigeria. But the problem is we rush 4 the scholarship and no news in return. Tnx for ur contributions. God bless u, God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

  2. Prosper God'slove

    It’s the same thing I see when I access the page. Now the question is, HOW DO I APPLY? Thanks for your attention.

  3. ojomah princewill

    am a student of kogi state university studying geology. like research and ultimate finding.

  4. Mustapha Olaide Babatunde

    I thank you for your immeseasurable effort to improve nigerian students to be up to task as to be able to compete with their contemporaries in the westhern/advanced world. But how come the prospective applicants are unable to apply for the scholarship scheme resently. What is the problem? Please see to this problem as seen as possible and let there be an extension of time for application closure. thanks

  5. brainwave idear, how can i apply 4 dis

    it is a good legacy ride on d lrd is ur strenght

  6. Egwu Anthony


  7. JEFF


  8. Name (required)

    pls how can one apply and when is the closing date

  9. anonymous

    pls can you make it also available 2 does u are just entering into scul and cant due 2 sponsorship. tainks 4 all u have been doing already kip up d good wrk.

  10. ushie martina

    pls when will the shortlist appicanat be relese

  11. okpala pascal

    i really appreciat the idea invented concernin the scholarship award but sad because, i was n’t shortlisted for test. But, i really needed dat scholarship. But i was recognise as a candidate. What a poor boy like me can do. I stay back and wait for God’s time. But now, my question is. Did i not reach the basis requirement, and do is stay stand the chance to apply again. Right now am in 200. Please i need a reply

  12. Ijioma Eberechukwu .A.

    I realy appreciate these schorlarships from d oil companies. Keep it on for a better Nigeria. But i was nt shortlised in Total, for what i dnt knw, i pray that i wil b shortlisted in my 2nd year. Bcos is 4 1st yrs n 2nd yr student. Am studying Statistics in Federal University of Technology Owerri.

  13. Ijioma Eberechukwu .A.

    Have NLNG and Shell shorlisted? And when are there exams? Pls i need a reply to this question.

  14. Anonymous

    I am an awardee of the 2011/2012 total scholarship scheme.I haven’t heard from them this year for the second payment. Please what do u advise me to do???

  15. Hadisa

    Please am having problems login into my scholarshiptotalsdd.com, to check my status.
    Please how can i go about it??
    Best Regards.

  16. daniel

    The problem wit the Total payment is best known to them. though i had the want to pay by july.

  17. ijio0ma eberechukwu .A.

    thank God i was shortlisted this time to write the exam. but i want to know if they have shortlisted the people that pass the exam?

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