JSS1 2013/2014 Common Entrance Exam Registration is Open

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We wish to inform tha general public that the JSS1 2013/2014 Common Entrance Exam  called National Common Entrance Examination for admission into Junior Secondary School JSS 1) of Federal Government Unity Colleges for 2013 will be held throughout the country and other interested foreign countries ,But Only Final year pupils of Primary Schools are eligible for the exams The registration is currently going on now in the country, 

How to register for 2013 Common entrance exam

Visit http://www.mynecoexams.com/ncee/

Click on register new user and fill your information

After that click Submit button

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82 Comments to “JSS1 2013/2014 Common Entrance Exam Registration is Open”

    • hassan sodiq

      when will osun state write their junior school certificate examination

  1. Ndidi stephen

    When is the date for primary six common entrance exam 2013

  2. Akanni A. Akeem

    Pls, what time will the NCEE for JSS 1 start on Saturday April 13, 2013. Are they to go to the center wearing their school uniforms ?.

  3. Esther

    When the result for ncee will out and wat is de lowest score for not qualify

  4. Emmanuel o.

    Pls wen is the primary six G2 examination coming up this year?

  5. Gbenga Afolabi

    When will the result of NCEE 2013/2014 be out? what are the cut off marks for Kings College and FSTC, Yaba?
    Thank you.

    • Olu Amos

      When will2013/2014 result national common entrance examination be released? It’s rather dragging too slow.

      • Anonymous

        Results released since last month. Parents/candidates are check candidate’s scores with the various
        States’ Ministry of Education while the various cut-off marks for various states are obtainable from the Federal Ministry of Education. I wonder why States’ Ministry of Education are involved. whichever, the cut-off marks range from 2/200 to above 137/200 depending on the candidate’s state of origin

      • bello ilu

        The national common entrance examination result is now released.

  6. Yinka .A

    when is result of national common entrance federal government colleges for 2013/2014 will come out?



  8. J


  9. Name (required)

    when will the 2013\2014 federal examination be out and what is the cut of mark.

  10. Tunji

    when will u release d result 2013 common entrance .

  11. Olu Amos

    When will u release d result of 2013/2014 national common entrance examination? It’s rather dragging too slow.pls, act. Tnx.

  12. chelsea

    i wish i passed faith academy examination with my friend

  13. Name (required)

    when is the result of the last ncee comining out?

    • Salem Tor

      When will the fedral government college result be out?

  14. Isaiah I

    When will the2013 national common entrance result be out.If it’s out already, how do I check it ?

  15. mojeed

    when will ncee result be out is rather dragging too slow and what is their cut off mark for this year

  16. Joshua Folorunsho

    Where can I find batch b of common entrance faith academy

  17. daves akins

    please we need to know when is the federal government common entrance examination result coming out.

  18. Iyah

    Please when will the result of the common entrance into unity colleges for 2013/2014 session come out? Thanks.

  19. Erika

    when will the result of the NCEE be released and what will be the cut off mark. It has dragged for too long.

  20. zainab oladipu po

    What is the cut of mark of queens college and is there going to be interview ?

  21. wilsatson

    When is the state government NCEE into jss1 is going to be out cause I need too check for daughter. Tnx

  22. Ajibola akeem

    Pls when wȋ̊ℓℓ †ђξ NCEE result wȋ̊ℓℓ βε̲̣ out Α̲̅πϑ hw A♏ ȋ̝̊̅ going τ̅☺ check my child’s result?

  23. Ajibola akeem

    Pls how Ðo̶̲̥̅̊ ȋ̝̊̅ check my child’s NCEE result?

  24. JAMES


  25. JAMES


  26. Anonymous

    Is the NCEE result for 2013/2014 out? If yes, how do I check, and what is the cut-off
    marks? Tnx.

  27. sam

    check for your result at neco office
    cut off for shagamu 131,for odogbolu 133,for ekiti 129

  28. mrs ifeatuonwu

    pls when will the result for the entrance exam come out?and how can i check it.thanks
    pls reply me.thank you.

  29. Hubert Ogunde Memorial School

    Please,when will the results of the National Common Entrance Examination be released?

  30. LOLA

    pls i need to check my son NCEE 2013 result and i cldnt, cos dont think is on the internet av made several attempt to check. pls kindly assist if it on the net and how to go about it.

  31. idowu salami

    Over a month that NCEE was conducted;objective questions by NECO result is yet to be released.What a shame! Neco claimed that they have released the result to fed ministry of Education for final release and to take decision on each state cut off point.Minister of state for Edu, Nyeson Nwike, you oversee Unity schools so act now and prevent your ministy of further shame!

  32. Stephen

    the result is finally out…….cut off mark,lagos 133,ogun 131,oyo-osun -emotional and Ondo are 127…129,while abia is 138 and anambra is the highest 139……..while our fellow northern brothers as usually are around 52,35,92,76 even 2 and 26 in a particular state I can recall now…..shameful

    • Anonymous

      Pls i want federal minister of education to review this cut -off mark in some states, how can a cut off mark of some state be 2, 3, 30, 35, 38, e.tc, while others will be 139, 138, 135 etc, the differences are much and it looked cheated in some states llike anambra, imo, abia etc, pls you shuld look into this issue. It is very bad and cheated, how can you give some states especially northerns a great advantage. for e.g my daughter got 127, he is from Anambra state and according to cut off mark, she didn’t make it whereas in some states with dis mark she will enter with merit, i mean it is very very bad. THANKS

      • hassan sodiq

        when will osun state write their junior school certificate examination

  33. Stephen

    sorry…..it ekiti and not emotional dat dre,my phone actually did a auto complete dre…..

  34. Stephen

    Abia – Male(130) Female(130)
    Adamawa – Male(62) Female(62)
    Akwa-Ibom – Male(123) Female(123)
    Anambra – Male(139) Female(139)
    Bauchi – Male(35) Female(35)
    Bayelsa – Male(72) Female(72)
    Benue – Male(111) Female(111)
    Borno – Male(45) Female(45)
    Cross-Rivers – Male(97) Female(97)
    Delta – Male(131) Female(131)
    Ebonyi – Male(112) Female(112)
    Edo – Male(127) Female(127)
    Ekiti – Male(119) Female(119)
    Enugu – Male(134) Female(134)
    Gombe – Male(58) Female(58)
    Imo – Male(138) Female(138)
    Jigawa – Male(44) Female(44)
    Kaduna – Male(91) Female (91)
    Kano – Male(67) Female(67)
    Kastina – Male(60) Female(60)
    Kebbi – Male(9) Female(20)
    Kogi – Male(119) Female(119)
    Kwara – Male(123) Female(123)
    Lagos – Male(133) Female(133)
    Nassarawa – Male(58) Female(58)
    Niger – Male(93) Female(93)
    Ogun – Male(131) Female(131)
    Ondo – Male(126) Female(126)
    Osun – Male(127) Female(127)
    Oyo – Male(127) Female(127)
    Plateau – Male(97) Female(97)
    Rivers – Male(118) Female(118)
    Sokoto – Male(9) Female(13)
    Taraba – Male(3) Female(11)
    Yobe – Male(2) Female(27)
    Zamfara – Male(4) Female(2)
    FCT Abuja – Male(90) Female(90)

  35. Anonymous

    Pls i want fed minister of education to review this cut-off mark, i discovered dat the difference are much. for e.g in some states their cut-off mark is 2, 3, 35, 38. 70, 75 etc, while some states were 139, 138, 135, 133, e.tc, how can you give some states a great advantage especially northerns but they are the ones occupied a big strategic positions in fed works but claiming dat they don’t hve the zeal to learn, i mean it is high time we should look into this cut -off mark, it is cheating i mean it is not proper at all. for e.g my daughter got 127, she is from Anambra state and with this cut -off mark she is not going to get admission whereas in some state with this mark that person will enter with merit. PLEASE WE SHOULD STOP THIS SEGMENT

  36. noo

    may i know the list of best ten students from Abia state in this last NCEE?

  37. Abiola

    These cut off mark are ridiculous, the government should look into this. Please minister for education should revisit the marks

  38. Hassan sodiq

    Pls when will osun state write their junior waec examination for 2013 section pls i need a reply

  39. feyi

    pls when is bece result for queens college yaba lagos when is it going to come ooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  40. Raymond

    My problem with NECO on this exam is the inability for candidates to check the result on-line. We should be able to check and print like WAEC and JAMB. They gave the impression that they are equally efficient.It is a let-down. If they don’t know what to do, they should find out from WAEC and JAMB how this is done.

  41. Lawal Abubakr

    Pls wen is FGC Ilorin ss1 form coming out if it is out where can i get it

  42. Lily

    When is the NCEE coming up this year, though the speculation is 1st March 2014 kindly help me out with genuine information.

  43. oderinde pelumi

    please am waiting for the entrance form have submited the details of payment

  44. Mrs. AMMbolanle MusMa

    Hello, can SSS1 Student register into Federal Government College?, if yes I will like to know how to register

  45. ppAguong

    please how can I correct the surname of my son, it was wrongly spell

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